We deal with programming and prefabrication of control cabinets on the basis of technical documentation. Designs of control and power systems for industrial automation are one of the key elements of production automation. The main functions of the cabinets are the control, measurement, adjustment, commissioning and control of the operation of the machines. Control cabinets command a variety of automation systems and machines and supply power. The equipment of the control cabinet includes the following systems:

  • Control
  • Measuring
  • Security
  • Regulatory
  • Power
  • Signalling.

Control cabinet design and related services

    • Assembly of control systems and prefabrication of industrial control cabinets based on the documentation provided by the customer,
    • Building a device based on an individual cabinet design created in the CAE system by our specialist,
    • Installation and commissioning of cabinets at the customer's site,
    • Creation of power schemes and prefabrication of electrical switchboards.


Our control cabinets and electrical switchgears are designed for industrial applications. They are carried out in accordance with applicable standards and requirements. We care about reliability and safety of operation, using tested high-quality components. As in the case of other services, we are able to prepare control cabinets comprehensively, from design to assembly.

Next stages of prefabrication of control cabinets

Designing dedicated machines involves providing a high-quality product, created in accordance with the needs of the customer and his company. At the outset, we thoroughly analyze what solutions are optimal for a given production line. Then we perform:

  • Individual design of the machine in the CAE system (in the case of dedicated devices, not available in the standard offer),
  • Internal acceptance of the machine model, showing its appearance and operation,
  • Acceptance of the model by the Customer (including amendments),
  • Machine construction,
  • Internal acceptance of the completed project, i.e. the newly created machine,
  • Delivery of the machine to the customer,
  • Installation of control cabinets or other devices.

We know that at the beginning the operation of the cabinet can be problematic – the user does not yet know the device well and has difficulties using it. Therefore, in addition to designing, building and delivery, we offer the service of commissioning the finished machine with detailed instructions.

In crisis situations, we provide specialized service support for the machine and post-warranty service. You can read more about our machine repair service here.

PLC programming

We program PLC controllers, which are the center of production process management using industrial automation. Depending on the manufacturer of the controller, we select a programming language compatible with its environment. We speak the following languages:

  • FBD (Function Block Diagram) language,
  • ST (Structured Text) language,
  • SFC (Sequential Function Chart) language,
  • LD (Ladder Diagram) language.