In addition to the modernization of industrial machines or production lines, we also provide services in the field of machine construction from scratch – from design to assembly and commissioning at the customer's site. Our team of designers uses one of the leading design and modeling tools in the 3D environment – SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. High-quality software streamlines the design of structures, allows you to create both technical documentation and visualize our ideas. Thanks to this, the client has access to the executive documentation at every stage of the project, which allows for the introduction of possible changes and affects the final result. With computer support, we implement projects better, faster and more efficiently.

Schematic design programs – this is what we use

Advanced layout designs:

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Electrical

we implement using EPLAN Electric P8 software. It is thanks to him that control cabinets are created. During work, creating reports based on schemes is an inseparable element of a comprehensive documentation system and allows for the implementation of subsequent phases of the project. The software ensures consistency and integration of the entire development process.

What devices do we design?

When designing machines to order, we rely on documentation provided by the customer or specifications created by our specialist. We thoroughly analyze the needs and consult with the customer in order to best select the type of machine for his purposes and improve production operation. We carry out orders for:

  • equipment designs,
  • machine designs,
  • production line designs,
  • projects of industrial lines,
  • nest designs,
  • Projects of individual positions.

In the case of designing machines and stations for individual stages of production, we also provide a plan of the production process along with the technology used.

Specially developed machine construction consultation system

We have developed a unique system for carrying out the order and consulting the project with the client. We operate according to the following plan:


  • acceptance of the internal design of the machine, including its appearance and operation,
  • acceptance of the project by the Customer (with possible amendments),
  • construction of the machine,
  • internal acceptance of the completed project, i.e. the finished machine.
  • Acceptance of the machine made by the customer.