We have many years of experience in the relocation of machines, technological lines and entire production plants in Poland and Europe. We comprehensively deal with the movement of machines. We start with the project, then we move on to dismantling, preparation for transport, transport, unloading, setting and assembly at the destination. The final phase is the media connection and commissioning. We carry out even the most complex relocation orders.

Step-by-step relocation of industrial machinery and technological lines. What does our relocation service look like?

  • Relocation planning – when planning the transport of industrial machines, we take into account their dimensions and operations carried out at the loading and unloading site, so that the transport of equipment does not interfere with the tasks carried out in the background.
  • Dismantling of machines – disassembly includes disassembling machines into smaller parts and disconnecting and securing elements for further transport. We properly mark the individual elements to speed up the assembly at the destination.
  • Loading and relocation of production lines, transport of machines – dismantled elements are properly placed and fastened so that they do not move during transport. If the relocation requires the relocation of oversized cargo, we organize appropriate vehicles and obtain special transport permits before this stage.
  • Unloading and assembly of industrial machinery – upon arrival at the site, our specialists safely unload the components and proceed to their assembly. During installation, they additionally check the condition of the components and, if necessary, proceed to maintenance or minor repairs.
  • Connection of utilities and commissioning of industrial equipment – after connecting to the appropriate media, we proceed to start the machines and carry out multiple tests verifying the efficiency of the equipment. If the operation does not leave deviations, you can start the actual work.

When is professional machine relocation necessary?

The relocation of machines or entire production lines applies to both internal (within one production plant) and outside (between several plants).

  • Internal relocation usually takes place during the expansion of a plant, expansion of its activities or change of concept. It involves moving devices from one place to another within one plant or production hall.
  • External relocation usually concerns the relocation of the entire headquarters or specialized equipment between the branches of one company. This solution is much cheaper than retrofitting each facility with new machines – the entrepreneur bears only the costs of travel and care of the cargo.