Our services also include conducting safety audits of equipment systems and adapting machines or technological lines to minimum requirements.As regards minimum requirements, in accordance with national rules (Reg. MG OJ No L 225, 21.12 2002 No. 191 item. 1596) and European (Directive 2009/104/EC), the employer is obliged to ensure that the equipment used by workers at work (including machinery and equipment) meets the minimum safety and health requirements (MW).

Adjustment can be done by the employer himself, but without sufficient competence, this carries a high risk. We help you to check and adapt your workplace equipment to MW. We prepare workstations and machines for applicable standards. We modify or implement appropriate security features: guards, scanners, security gates.

What activities does the security audit involve?

In order to effectively carry out a security audit, we follow an individually developed plan:

  • Identification of incompatibilities occurring in the machine,
  • Threat analysis and user safety assessment,
  • Preparation of documentation,
  • Design, implementation and implementation of recommended solutions,
  • Final validation – verification that the implemented safety procedures are sufficient to meet the standards.

Security report

The report created by us takes into account the existing specificity of the workplace, which is why post-inspection recommendations are well suited to the realities of the company and easy to implement. Sometimes, our recommendations not only increase the safety of employees, but also contribute to improving the efficiency of equipment and increasing productivity.