Based on customers’ needs and expectations, we create and program control cabinets. Projects of control and power supply systems for industrial automation are one of the key elements of production automation. The main functions of cabinets are measurement, regulation, start-up and control of machines.The use of cabinets in industrial automation is to control various systems and machines and supply power. Cabinets consist of many elements: control, measurement, protection, regulation, power supply and signaling systems.

In this area we offer:

– Assembly and prefabrication of control cabinets on the basis of received documentation

– Creating cabinets based on our design

– Installation and start-up of control cabinets

– Prefabrication of power distribution boards

Our control cabinets and electrical switchboards are designed for industrial applications. They are manufactured in compliance with applicable standards and requirements. We care about reliability and safety of operations, using high quality components.  We are able to prepare cabinets comprehensively, from the beginning to the end of the production process.