Based on our many years of experience, we offer services in the field of modernization and repair of industrial machines and technological lines. We carry out repairs both in terms of safety and functional. In terms of safety, we are modernising equipment in accordance with European standards and directives. When creating a modernization project, we take into account the convenience of machine operators and the ease of repairs performed by maintenance. As with other services, we do them from design to assembly and commissioning. Before starting the work, we create and present to the customer several proposals for reconstruction. We carry out even the most advanced modernizations.

Types of service of industrial equipment

Current – fast service of industrial machines, assuming systematic actions calculated in terms of maintaining an efficient machine park. It includes minor repairs of machines, e.g. removal of dirt, elimination of visible backlash of components.

Medium – service of production lines or individual industrial machines, including external work and partial dismantling of components (e.g. removing the machine cover and removing the parts on top).

Great – the most advanced type of service. It involves the need to disassemble most parts to get to the source of the machine failure and remove them. 

Repairs of industrial machinery – scope of services

  • Technical inspection of machines – assessment of the condition of the device,
  • Checking the elements used in the construction and the availability of spare parts,
  • Repair of industrial machines, comprehensive service of production lines,
  • Replacement or installation of control systems – PLCs, touch screens, clear HMI,
  • Replacement of PLC and CNC drives,
  • Replacement of gears, bearings, belts.
  • Regeneration of hydraulic pumps.
  • Repair of electrical systems.

When is the modernization of production lines necessary?

Replacement of parts or entire industrial equipment turns out to be necessary when we notice a decrease in the efficiency of the entire production process and when the costs of maintaining employees and the production line cease to be competitive. Modernization has a positive effect on increasing production efficiency and profits.

Modernization of industrial machines and production lines – offer

  • User safety assessment,
  • Modernization and expansion of industrial machines, production lines in terms of safety and functionality,
  • Improving the efficiency and quality of the machine,
  • Modernization or expansion of hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and filtration systems, lubrication,
  • Modification of transport systems, e.g. belts, rollers,
  • Extension or modification of robotic stations and video inspection stations,
  • Surface cleaning, powder coating, covers, coatings.