Based on our experience, we offer renovation and modernization of industrial machines and technological lines. We carry out repairs in the area of safety and functionality.  We modernize equipment in accordance with European standards and directives.  When we creating a modernization project, it is important to us to make the work of machine operators comfortable and easy to carry out repairs.   As in the case of other services, we perform them from design to installation and start-up. Before starting the work we create and present to the customer a few proposals for reconstruction. We carry out even the most complicated modernizations.

In terms of repairs we offer:

– Condition assessment of the machine

– Safety assessment

– Checking the components used in the construction and the availability of spare parts

– Modernisation or extension of machines, lines in terms of safety and functionality

– Improving machine performance and quality

– Modernisation or extension of pneumatic, hydraulic, cooling and filtration, lubrication systems

– Replacement or installation of control systems – PLC, touchscreens, clear HMI

– Replacing PLC and CNC drives

– Modification of transport systems, e.g. belts, rollers

– Expansion or modification of robotic and video control stations

– Surface cleaning, powder coating, covers, coatings

– Changing gearboxes, bearings, belts