Are you looking for a subcontractor in your production process? Are you interested in a well-prepared technological path of cutting and bending the elements that make up your product? We offer our developed production and technological processes – from the transport of prefabricated elements to the delivery of finished elements.

Our computer-controlled devices are characterized by high accuracy, speed and reliability of operation. The elements manufactured in this way are precise and repeatable regardless of the number of copies made.

An extensive machine park allows us to efficiently carry out orders for cutting and bending sheets of various dimensions in small and large series. High efficiency and a wide spectrum of operation allows us to provide services for the needs of various production processes. The machines with which we have equipped our technological lines are adapted to energy-saving operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their high efficiency and reliability combined with precision allow us to provide cutting and bending services at the highest level.

Thanks to the team of specialists – cnc operators and experience in the implementation of many projects, our products are characterized by high precision and aesthetics of workmanship. The products (or semi-finished products) ordered from us are distinguished by:

  • precision of workmanship,
  • high level of repeatability,
  • full implementation of safety requirements,
  • exemplary technical characteristics,
  • the highest visual standards.

The machines we have at our disposal are:

1. Laser with a source of 10 kW eVision 1530F10.0 – it was created using the highest quality components, among which we can mention the fiber laser source, eVa cutting head, dynamic linear motors in all axes and a modern body. This makes this cutter characterized by high efficiency and low operating costs. It allows to obtain high repeatability of production in both small and large series.

  • 10 kW laser power
  • 3 g maximum acceleration
  • 180 m/min maximum positioning speed
  • 0.1mm cutting accuracy
  • 150 m/min maximum cutting speed
  • 0.03 mm repeatability

2. Sengfeng SF3015H – laser cutter thanks to the use of ytterbic laser fibers allows long working time with minimal level of service. Their low energy consumption and high efficiency translate into high efficiency of the products created:

  • 2 kW laser power
  • 3000 x 1 500 mm working format
  • 200 mm road length Z
  • ±0.03 mm X,Y axis location accuracy
  • ±0.02 mm/m Repeatability
  • 130 m/min max travel speed in X, Y axes
  • 12 s table replacement time

3. Zymt DA66T – press 220 tons – modern press brake is a universal and economical tool for sheet metal processing. The control based on CNC technology guarantees high precision, repeatability and speed of implementation of even the most complex projects. Energy efficiency and low discards contribute to low production costs with the participation of this equipment.

4. GP1000-ZZ deburring machine – designed for deburring and rounding the edges of details after laser cutting or reflecting scale after plasma cutting. It consists of two units that increase the range of possible control and adjust the process parameters to current needs. It subjects the edges of the cut sheets to the final processing. It allows you to get the final product with the highest degree of aesthetics and safety of use.

  • 1000 mm working width
  • 0.5-60mm machining thickness range
  • 0.5-2 mm/min feed rate
  • 17 kW machine power
  • 2 x 7.5 kW main drive power

Our services – a fully organized cutting and bending process

Our service is a comprehensive production process of cutting and bending sheet metal. Our machining is characterized by high quality, which is the result of advanced technologies that we use to ensure the highest standard of technological paths at every step. The flexibility of machine management mechanisms allows for small orders of individual elements, as well as large-scale production. As part of our business:

  • we collect prefabricated elements ourselves,
  • we get acquainted with the technological documentation,
  • we carry out orders from several to several thousand elements of orders,
  • we organize logistics and transport,
  • the possibility of carrying out other processes in our plant.


We offer laser cutting services using a fiber laser cutter with a power of 3000 W. This precision device allows you to cut on a working area of 1500 x 3000 mm. We guarantee the highest quality of machining of black steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

CNC sheet metal bending is one of the most popular metal forming technologies, in which the detail changes shape under pressure. Our offer includes sheet metal bending services on a press brake with a working length of 3200 mm, with a pressure of 220 tons, which allows you to bend sheets up to a thickness of 12 mm.